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Acting & Dialect Coach
Nadia Venesse
Nadia Venesse is a nationally recognized film acting and dialect coach with an impressive 25 year career in the industry.  From learning new accents, to accent reduction, Nadia’s proven coaching methods “speak” for themselves.
Nadia is available for dialect and accent coaching internationally, on-location, and by phone or skype.
Nadia’s career includes acting and dialect coaching with outstanding directors such as Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Zack Snyder, Emma Stone, Dane Dehaan, and Joel Kinnaman.
“Nadia has worked with a variety of actors in various situations and has always impressed me with her talent, intelligence, and commitment...” Oliver Stone.
Woody Harrelson - "....I have worked with a lot of coaches and Nadia Venesse is by far the best....if that weren't enough, she's also a sweetheart to work with."
"Working with Nadia to prepare for my role as Hilly Holbrook in "The Help" was an absolute game changer for me.  Nadia worked holistically…, by honing in on the rhythm, intention and the emotion of each moment. She truly is a gifted teacher, a powerful advocate….." Bryce Dallas Howard.
"Nadia has the unique gift of melding speech and dialect with character so that one doesn't overwhelm the other. Also her respect for me as an artist and person created an atmosphere of safety and trust."-Viola Davis
Richard Jenkins - "...let me just say that I have worked with many coaches over the years and Nadia is simply the best.  THE BEST!"
All American dialects, General and Standard American, New York , Bronx  , Brooklyn, Ithaca, New Jersey ,Boston ,Maine, North Carolina and South Carolina. Kentucky, Georgia ,Florida, Florida Everglades,  ,Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Minnesota , Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, Newfoundland, Washington, All Canadian Dialects, Eastern Canada ,Western Canada Ottawa valley, Parisian French. French Canadian , Italian , Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Mexican, Bahamian, Jamaican, Indian, Arabic,Jordanian ,Egyptian , Israeli , Iranian,Brazilian, Romanian , New Orleans ,Panamanian, Cuban, Portuguese, East Indian, and more....
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